• Ben Banbury

Why Your Mental Health & Waistline Will Thank You For Becoming an RSPCA Volunteer

For those of you that have been following me for a while on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll have seen that I help out at my local RSPCA centre, Mount Noddy

When I say “help” I mean I walk the dogs and stroke the cats (it’s a tough life)

It’s amazed me how many people have contacted me through my social media platforms asking how they can get involved and what they need to do

So I’ve decided to write a quick post highlighting why you should get involved, the amazing benefits of dog walking and how you can get started

Why You Should Get Involved

If you’re currently not exercising or you’re looking for a place to start, this may be the perfect solution

Walking is the simplest way to get into exercise

It doesn’t require a pricey gym membership or a personal trainer. It only requires a pair of shoes, and those are optional

To lose weight all you need to do is burn more energy than you eat in a day. Your body then turns to fat stores as energy and you start getting leaner. Simple

You see, most people don’t need a gym membership, they just need to move more on a daily basis

Ben’s Fix: Walking

Why You Should Volunteer

For those of you that are currently on an exercise plan, there are other benefits than just exercising

The mental benefits are unbelievable!

People who regularly dog walk will;

  • Feel less stressed

  • Have reduced blood pressure

  • Feel happier and less moody

  • Feel less anxious

  • Have lower rates of depression

  • Have a higher self-esteem

I’ve personally found that I have a clearer head and feel more refreshed when I’ve been out walking the dogs. It also gives me a much-needed break from my computer screen now I’m an office jockey

So even if you’re already fit,  healthy and at your desired weight, you can still benefit the amazing results of getting out in the countryside with a loving dog by your side

Plus you’ll be helping an amazing cause! 

I haven’t even mentioned how you’d be helping out the rescue centre

For the animals to be rehomed they need social interaction from humans, and of course, the dogs need to be exercised frequently

So every time you turn up and do your bit you’re helping the animal socialise with humans, helping the amazing staff out and increasing the chances the animals will get rehomed

How To Get Involved

It’s easy. Contact your local RSPCA Centre or other rescue centre and explain that you’re interested in helping walk the dogs and stroke the cats – they’ll book you in for an induction

and you’re away

After you’re inducted you can turn up whenever you want. It’s so easy

I will warn you though, you will fall in love with every cat and dog you meet!

Thank’s for taking the time to read, if you have any questions (even though I don’t have all the answers) I’ll try my best – Contact me


Here are some pictures I’ve collected since volunteering;