App login troubles

Firstly, just check you're definitely using the correct email you signed up with Secondly, make sure the password is spelt correctly. If you can't remember simply press "Forgotten your password" and reset it. We have no access to your password so do this before contacting us If all this fails get in touch with me via email and I'll get in touch with app support

How oftern do workouts change?

Workouts will be automatically updated every month. This allows your body to get the most out of each phase of the program before leveling up

Why doesn't it tell me what weight to use?

It's very, very hard for a trainer to select the correct weight for you initially. By leaving it blank it teaches you to find the right weight and intensity for yourself. Also as you'll be constantly trying to increase the weight it's not possible for us to change your program on a daily basis Keep track of your weights in the notes section or on a paperpad

Where are my workouts?

Inside the app at the top right there are 3 horizontal lines. We call this the hamburger, if you click here it will give you a drop down of around 12 tabs you can access to help you along your journey. I really encourage you to look in every single one as there are gems in them all There will be a tab for workouts aswell as program for you to see the outline of your plan for next 12 weeks

Can I share my membership details with anyone else?

Strictly not. This program is my livelyhood, so sharing passwords is prohibited. We can see who signs in so if an unknown user signs in they will be shut down

Can I eat take away on the plan?

Sure! You can eat anything you want on the plan as long as you stick to your calories. Just consider a take out as a treat & something you limit to once a fortnight or so It's harder to get lean eating out as it's harder to workout how many calories are in the sauces & how much oil they use etc Try & plan ahead by looking at the menu. You can also use the "Eating out survival guide" in the lifestyle section t

What happens if I go off-track?

Nothing! Just hop straight back on as soon as you can. And don't worry about it, everyone will have little wobbles here & there. The quicker you can just get straight back on with it the quicker you can continue getting results Don't be hard on yourself or feel you need to punish yourself to make up for it. Falling off-track is part of the process (:

What If i'm going on holiday? What should I do then?

Look, you're on holiday, enjoying yourself should be your number 1 priority. That said, try not to completely erase all your hard work & pig out non-stop. Allow your diet to relax a little. A few more wines & puddings are what holidays are for Stay hydrated, try & eat your veg & protein first & don't weigh yourself the first week your back For training, if there's a gym you can continue the training plan as normal, or inside the Training section there's a "Bodyweight Survival Guide" to keep you active! Have a great holiday (:

Where's the best place to get protein?

I've only ever used one place; It's very cost effective, a very good product & the service is spot-on Shoot for the instant whey protein, vanilla, strawberry & chocolate are always a winner If you have inolerances look for the Soya, hemp or pea protein alternatives

Do I have to train on the days set?

No of course you don't. I've set the days up the way I have as it allows a day in the middle to recover. This is optimal if your diary allows so On weeks it doesn't that's absolutely fine, just train when you can In an ideal world however you wouldn't train 4 days in a row & then take 3 off, so just bare that in mind (:

How can I get my steps up?

Try & walk everywhere for starters. Walk to work, walk to the shops, walk to do the school run If you've got an office job try & get up for phone calls or even set a reminder to do a lap of the room Time blooking 30-60 minutes a day to go for a walk after work or on your lunch break is a fantastic way to catch up on your favourite podcast or even answer emails on your phone

What else can I do to move more?

Tennis. Football. Squash. Badminton. Netball. Hockey. Indoor rock climbing. Hiking. Swimming. Rowing. Use cardio machines in the gym. Dance classes. Zumba. Roller blading. Ice skating. Spinning. Barre classes. Body pump. Trampoling. Take the kids to the park. Long dog walks. Youtube cardio workouts. Gardening. Housework & cleaning. Pick 1-2 each week. Keep trying new things (:

Why don't I feel sore after a workout?

We feel sore after we train when we've done something our bodies not used to. For example I might not feel very sore after my weight session but if I did something i'm not used to, like went for a swim, I'd be very sore tomorrow Soreness doesn't mean progress. It just means you've worked the body differently. So week one of your plan expect to feel tender, but by week 4 not so much And that's fine. Don't chase soreness as this can lead to injury Instead of gauging how good a workout was by how sore you are, gauge it watching the weights go up You're still progressing if you're not sore (:

What do I do if i'm really sore?

If you're REALLY sore it might be an idea to push your next workout later in the week if you can, just to allow your body to recover A warm bath, gentle stretch & making sure your sleep & nutrition are on point will help reduce the soreness It is okay to train if you're slightly sore as the programs created in a way to allow your muscle groups to recover between sessions You might also need to tone your active recovery days down if you're pushing too hard

Can I swap a workout for a walk?

Absolutely not. I'm being strict here. No way Walking is amazing but it is no substitute for a weight sessions. The weights are the key component to a successful transformation Not all exercise is the same.

How can I stay on track if I've got guests?

Try & plan ahead. Are you eating out? Look at the meny first? Are you cooking? Can you cook something your guests will love that fit your calories? (Take a look at the recipe books for inspiration) Can you squueze your workout in before they arrive/wake up? Or can you drag them along. Worst case, can you just disappear for an hour to train? If you want it enough you'll find away

Do you have to calorie count?

To some degree, yes. Understanding how many calories are in the foods you eat everyday is an important step to getting lean & staying in shape forever In an ideal world you'll calorie count everything, this will provide the best results & give you the best understanding of your diet, which is a great learning curve Failing that, recording a few days of the week
Failing that, recording your favourite foods to give you a rough idea Bare in mind, the goals not to calorie count forever. Just to complete the plan & get a very good understanding how many calories are in certain foods

How can I drink more water?

My favourite tip is to carry a big water bottle wherever you go. I used to use an old milk bottle, but now have a 2l bottle that doesn't leave my side. If it's near you, you will drink more, it's as simple as that Making your water more inviting will help as well. I strongly recommend a water purifier, they're not expensive, make your water taste better plus filter out all the chemicals Adding sugar-free squash, sliced lemon, lime, cranberries, cucumber, drinking herbal teas are all good tips too

Can I drink tea & coffee on the plan?

100% - There's nothing you can't consume on the plan. Both are very low calorie anyway Saying that, I'd recommend avoidling lattes, mochas, Cappuccino etc as they contain plenty of empty calories

Why do I get headaches after starting the plan?

There are a few reasons that spring to mind: 1. You're eating more nutrients & vitamins now, which is making your liver more productive & the headache is a side-effect of the liver detoxing more effectively 2. You've cut your caffiene consumtion down & your feeling some withdrawal 3. Your form isn't quite right when you're training & you're putting too much tension on your traps & neck muscles. Relax your shoulders & do some simple neck stretches If these don't solve your problem drop me a message in the app

Do I have to follow the training plan exactly?

I'd very strongly recommend it yes. The plans been built the way it has for a reason, nothings been left to chance. It's a tried & tested program that has helped lots of women get in great shape, so I would keep it as close to exact as you can (:

Can I add in extra weight days?

I wouldn't recommend it no. An extra weight session might be a little too much & not give you enough recovery time for your next session If you're keen for an extra weights day it might also mean you're not quite pushing yourself hard enough in your original weight sessions However, we can discuss this inside the app. I might think you're ready for one extra weights day

Can I still drink alcohol?

Yep, you can indeed, Just bare in mind alcohol is a source of empty calories, meaning they wont fill you up. So spending 200 calories on a glass of wine every evening will mean you have to eat less real food that will fill you up & help your performance / health The lowest calorie boozes are prosecco/champagne, spirits with a low calorie mixer like soda, tonic water or sugar free soda.

How to not feel tired after a workout?

Try & keep you workouts short & sharp, they should never take you longer than an hour. Also eating your meals around your training will help. If you find your tired after every workout try & time it so you eat your next meal shortly after you finish training Getting adequate sleep will help overall as well

What happens if I go over my calories?

Nothing, just carry on as normal as quickly as you can. To lose weight we need you in a calorie deficit, if you eat over that you'll be eating around the calorie maintence mark. If this is done enough times it just mean your weight will stay the same Also never punish yourself for going over calories, simply get back on it asap

How do I know how many calories to eat?

I'll leave the infographic here. All this info is in the Welcome Guide. It's a very important PDF if you haven't read it already

Why didn't I lose weight last week?

This is COMPLETELY normal. Our weight fluctuates all day every day. Every time we drink water, have food in our system, need the loo, drink more alcohol, eat a lot of carbs or are experiencing hormone changes our weight will change You could simply be more hydrated than normal so whatever you do, don't do anything differently For the best reading when weighing, following my Three W's rule Wake up. Wee. Weigh.

Why haven't the scales changed yet?

It could be a lot of different things, like weight fluctuations, you've put on muscle, you're eating more than you think, you drank a lot of alcohol Drop me a message in the app

Can I workout twice a day?

If you're doing weights & then cardio, crack on I wouldn't really recommend doing two weight sessions. You'd either most likely overdoing it or not being able to give the session you're 100% - both will effect results A morning cardio session & an evening weight sesh sound good though

Does it matter if I do all my workouts in a row?

It won't always be possible, but try your hardest not to. This won't allow for adequate recovery
But of course if that's all you can do due to your diary then crack on!

What happens if I don't get enough sleep?

You'll find it harder to stick to the plan. When we aren't getting enough sleep we'll be hungrier, more snacky, it will take us longer to feel full up, we'll be less active & we'll more likely skip workouts If you struggle to sleep there are some guides & posts inside the Lifestyle section to help you, or you might need to seek specialist advice

Can I still smoke?

This ones totally up to you. You can of course get great results following the plan & still smoking but if you're here to really dial into your new healthy lifestyle it might be an idea to knock it on the head Saying that, you might want to do it in stages, maybe stop once you've completed the program There's no wrong answer here. Do what you thinks best for you

What should I pack in my gym bag?

Always keep your trainers, shorts/leggins, a top & a hoody ready to go You might also want to keep a protein shake, water bottle, piece of fruit on you as well I always have my headphones in mine too

What snacks should I take to work?

Snacks like fruit, popcorn, nuts, greek yogurt, processed meats, instant porridge pots, sugar-free jellys, protein bars/shakes, hard-boiled eggs, rice cakes & sliced vegetables make good snacks when on-the-go

Where can I get meal ideas from?

Check out all the recipe eBooks inside the Nutrition section, aswell as the example nutrition plans I've put together There are also some posts inside the Nutrition section that can help inspire you
Failing that Instgram pages will help. Head to the search bar & type in "#healthymealideas" & you'll find enough to last you the next 10 years!

What milk alternatives are best?

If you're not drinking milk for whatever reason, then my go-to is almond milk. I think it tastes great, it's lower in calories & if you're intolerent to dairy, will save you the bloat Soya, oat milk & coconut milk are other alternatives

What are the best sources of vegan protein?

Getting protein from vegan sources is much, much harder. Take a look at this infographic to get an idea. Quorn & protein supplements will probably be your best bet

What happens if I miss a meal?

Not a great deal, it just means you can have more to eat at your next meal. You might even find this advantagous!

Do I have to have breakfast?

Absolutely not. You might actually prefer not to as you can have bigger portions for lunch and/or dinner. Don't worry so much about when you eat, as long as you're eating your set calories you'll still get results

What happens if I miss a workout?

If you simply haven't got time in your week for a workout then don't worry about it, just skip it that week. It isn't advisable to miss a workout but shit happens ey. If you're feeling particulary hardcore you could even squeeze that workout into your following But message me inside the app first

What happens if I'm ill?

If you're ill to the point where you can't train, then don't worry at all about the plan until you're feeling better. Also, don't cancel the direct debit as this will terminate the plan & you'll be left with half a program which is useless Keep the DD running, then when you're better you'll have a full program, access to all the resources & support from myself Hope you feel better soon (:

Should I train if I've got a cold?

This ones kind of up to you. You'd be absolutely fine to train with a cold, but it depends if you train in a busy gym. We don't want you giving it to half the members there If you're feeling particularly bad, I'd skip your workout. Maybe you can squueze it in later in the week if you're feeling better?

Can I still have sauces?

Yeah sure, just. bare in mind they all have calories in. Especially sauces like mayo, ranch dressing & even some lighter dressings are mainly just olive oil. So be wary. It's always interesting to workout how many calories are in them so pop the measurements into MyFitnessPal - I think you'll be suprised!

Should I avoid sugar?

If you're following the plan, you'll naturally be avoiding sugar pretty much anyway. Sugar isn't as bad as people make out, it's mostly the foods we find sugar in. Foods like doughnuts, cakes, sweets, chocolates etc are all foods that have zero nutrient value & are brimmed with calories If we eat high amounts of these foods then there's no way in hell we're going to be able to have enough calories left for our protein. Plus you'd be absolutely starving. If you're eating foods like these & consuming vast amounts of sugar there's no way you'll ever get results from the plan. Adding honey to your protein shake or adding the odd tsp of Nutella to your porridge is ABSOLUTELY fine however (:

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