"They did it, so can you"



Primal Personal Training is great for what ever your training/fitness goals. Ben has given me workouts specific to my goals and 7 weeks in have definitely made great improvements!  With all the fad diets, detoxes, fasting, cleanses, low carb, no carbs etc. Ben has a simple uncomplicated approach which is supported by his knowledge and experience in nutrition. I would highly recommend PPT whatever your training goals and needs!



Primal Personal Training is by far the most wholistic fitness package I have come across.

In Ben you have a dynamism that is inspirational. This combined with nutritional guidance and excellent attention to detail means that he really does set you on the path to achieve your fitness goals.

Highly recommended for all levels



I’ve learned so much, not only about getting in shape, but also about how the different muscles connect and work. (Sleeping butt syndrome is a real thing people! haha) I feel confident I now have the tools to continue exercising on my own with all the knowledge I have gained from Ben. Ben is a great Personal trainer and i highly recommend him in whatever your fitness goals may be.



Ben’s attention to detail really makes a difference. His plans are truly personalised and takes account of your lifestyle, injuries and long term fitness goals. He’s excellent and very patient!



I have used Ben as a personal trainer and a nutritionist way before primal personal training was around. I can highly recommend him as he has helped with all aspects of my training getting me into peak physical and mental performance. My only go to personal trainer



I joined Primal Personal Training with the goal of getting healthier, and fitter. Ben has been supportive, and made the whole process simple and enjoyable. He is very knowledgeable and has been skilled in helping me with some rehab on my shoulder. I never thought I would look forward to a gym session, but now I do! Highly recommend!




"Ben (Primal Personal Training) is amazing! He was my first ever PT, he taught me so many new exercises every week and is the reason I have such a love for weight lifting now! His sessions are always fun, full of energy and utterly exhausting! (Ask him to do boxing with you - you will die) I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! Go Ben!"


"Highly recommend Bens classes and training method. you quickly see results that I personally never thought possible with my "body shape". Each class is always different and well planned, he is very professional and motivating, he's there for you anytime to check in with and keep you on track towards your goals. Best money I have spent"


"Working with Ben over the last 4 months has changed my life in so many positive ways. His realistic approach has transformed my mindset, enabling me to achieve my fitness goal. I've increased my energy levels, improved my mood which has resulted in me losing over an entire stone in weight. This has not only been undeniably rewarding but Ben has also made the process hugely enjoyable whilst keeping me accountable"



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Ben is a brilliant personal trainer, he is very professional, supportive with a good sense of humour! He keeps his classes varied every week and i've enjoyed increasing my use of weights to improve my fitness and make me stronger. Which has helped me recover quicker and stonger after my first marathon this year. Whatever your age or ability, Ben has the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your fitness goals and is very good on nutritional advise, Aldi really should give him his own adverts!



Ben is so good.. ive always been afraid of the gym because of looking stupid and not knowing what im doing and always ending up on the treadmill or rowing machine constantly. Ben has taught me so much about different ways to train your body, how to use the other equipment and has been so positive every session. He has been a fantastic PT and I feel confident about being able to step into the big bad gym by myself now aswell. Thank you Ben



I’ve been using Ben (primal personnel training) for a 6 weeks now the motivation he brings to his pt sessions are phenomenal, couldn’t ask for a better pt instructor, I’ve recently stuck to one of his work out plans that he kindly provided which was best suited for me.
Ben has pointed me in the direction for my end goal, and results are showing which I couldn’t thank Ben enough.

I highly recommend Ben as your number 1 choice in a PT



Experienced PT with a unique, fun style of training. Would highly recommend to all!



Ben is, too put it simply, great! Motivating, encouraging and makes each workout effective and worthwhile. He’s also really seems to enjoy each session which really helps you work hard!



Ben is great! His energy will instantly make you feel at ease. His clear, yet thorough approach is perfect for all fitness levels. Whether you are just getting back into fitness or a regular gym goer, his programmes (specifically targeted to your needs) will definitely build up your confidence. Couldn't recommend a better trainer.








Primal Personal Training is the perfect way to reach the goals you've been struggling to achieve. With Ben I have learnt to much and reached a mind set to push myself not only during a personal training session but also when in the gym alone. He offers knowledge in a range of exercises from weights, to boxing, as well as helping you keep your diet on track. I would recommend Ben PPT to anybody needing a confidence boost in the gym, or the motivation not to give up on your goals!



Ben is one of life’s genuinely ‘nice guys’. He cares about everyone - regardless of age or ability. His classes are well structured, challenging and well thought out. His PT sessions are tailored to individual needs and goals. I would highly recommend PPT... if nothing else a Personal Trainer with a sense of humour and who genuinely cares is a rare find! Give him a try!



I've been going to Primal Bootcamp training with Ben for a couple of months now and I'm very impressed with the results. Ben is a fantastic trainer and his sessions are very well thought out. Every session is different and very effective! Ben lets you train at you're own pace and always gives you harder exercises if you want to train harder.

I would definitely recommend Primal training to anyone who wants to get fitter and leaner while enjoying the training!



Amazing Personal trainer he knows his stuff and gives advice when you need it, I’m seeing great results from having personal training session with Ben. Highly recommend to anyone!



I would thoroughly recommend Ben as a Personal Trainer.
I have seen a continual improvement in my fitness thanks to the training sessions he runs.
Fun, professional and motivating!



Ben is a friendly and welcoming trainer, his bootcamps are always challenging, fun and different every time. I've achieved weight loss thanks to his nutrition plan and helpful blog posts and my fitness levels have improved massively. Highly recommend.