As a Thank You for downloading here's something for you...

As a huge thank you for downloading the Strong From Home program, I want to offer you the best deal I can!

Before I share, I want to quickly tell you a story about one of my amazing clients, Sarah who's recently lost 5 stone!

Sarah was a lovely young lady who really struggled with her weight


Her diet was packed full of fruit and veg and she went spinning and joined various exercises classes a few times a week

On paper, she should have been a weight she was much more confident at, but she wasn't!! And it drove her crazy!

She was tired and frustrated she was working so hard, but never really getting anywhere. She was bored of grinding through session after session only to NEVER watch the scales change

She was on the brink of just giving up and simply forgetting her goal of feeling confident in a bikini on her next holiday in Barcelona 

6 months she'd sweated and grinded, only to see her bodyweight drop the odd pound here and there (if she was lucky!)

After a long, tiresome week of training and getting nowhere. She quit.


She walked straight into her gym the following day and cancelled her membership effect of immediately

"Screw it!" I remember her telling me after "I mean, why even bother!" she exclaimed as one small tear trickled down the side of her face before her eyes swelled so much she just stood there with a sunken head

Her shoulders rising up and down as she sobbed quietly

You see, fat loss is SO MUCH more than aesthetics or looking good, it's about how confident you feel, your self worth and your elevated health

As Sarah sobbed quietly I knew she felt liked she had failed. And it was crushing her.

"I just want to feel confident on that beach.." she said looking up at me through teary eyes "I don't want to constantly have to worry or feel self-conscious! I want to feel happy in my own skin!"

As we spoke and I tried to comfort her she asked if I could train her 

I of course accepted, brimmed with excitement and pride that I could provide the confidence and health she'd only dreamt of 

You see, there are 3 parts to a life-changing transformation

The Framework 

The Support

The tweaking and adjustment

Sarah only had one part of her transformation inline. The framework

But what she so desperately needed was the support, guidance and professional knowledge to keep progressing no matter what!

She knew she had to exercise and eat well, but she didn't know how much to exercise, which exercises were best, how much to eat, what she should be eating or how many calories she should be eating!

She also desperately lacked support! On days when she was really struggling, she had no one to turn to for support!


She had no one to keep her on track, to keep nudging her in the right direction or to constantly spur her on.. so she logically gave up when her hard work wasn't paying off

I'm SO excited to share, that Sarah ended up loosing 5 stone while training with me

She completely transformed the way she looked, but more importantly the way she felt

She told me she'd never felt so confident

All though, she didn't lose weight for her Barcelona trip, the following year when she went to Crete with her best friend, she stepped onto that beach a new woman

A confident woman that wanted to show off her hard work, her newfound self-pride and toned body!

There's no secret behind Sarah's epic transformation. Just a clear direction and a passionate coach behind her making sure she was always staying on track and getting results

So, if you're like Sarah and you need more than just the framework to completely transform your health and confidence (forever!!)

Then take action and commit to change

Change that will help you live a longer, healthier more confident life

Coaching that can genuinely change your life forever..

This amazing deal will make it an even easier decision for you!


If you commit to your transformation and take action NOW, I will send you £100 worth of FREE training eBook, guides and recipe books to double your success rate

You'll Recieve:

The Primal Transformation Guide

The Primal Recipe Book

PLUS an additional 10 home workouts in a guide!

I was told I was crazy by other trainers for giving this away, but I'm so motivated to get you results I'm just going to go with it! 


So stop whatever you're doing and CLICK THE LINK BELOW to apply for training!

A before and after of someone loosing weight








"When Ben offers life-changing results.. he really means it"

Sarah. W